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Pots & Pans


Head Quartered in Switzerland, but spread across the globe through direct & indirect distribution channels. Andy Mannhart, AG has established itself as a leading international “One-Shop-Centre” for sourcing & supply of kitchen equipment & utensils as well as table top ranges to the professional trade. The company has sold products & service to over 80 countries


Küchenprofi - manufacturers of cooking tools & kitchen gadgets Founded in Germany in 1923, the extensive Küchenprofi collection is manufactured to the highest quality, featuring practical and stylish designs for all your cooking and baking needs. Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Cooking Gadgets, Coffee Mills, Cutting Boards, Food Prep, Funnels, Graters, Graters Slicers & Choppers, Ladles, Peelers, Pepper Mills, Porcelain, Salt Mills, Scissors, Scoops, Spatulas, Seafood Tools, Shears, Sieves, Tongs & Utensils


Chafing dishes, Convertible Buffet System (CBS), Flix Buffet System and creative solutions on the table . Spring has stood for absolute top quality from the kitchen to the table for more than 50 years both in private households and in upscale gastronomy.

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