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Mobile Stations

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With innovative induction technology from Gastros Switzerland, food can be efficiently kept warm and attractively presented. Induct Warm combines flexible design options with unbeatable benefits: Compared to conventional holding methods, our induction technology is simpler, safer and above all, more energy and cost-effective to use. The focus is on delicious food and high quality interior design.


La Tavola

La Tavola collections, whose design and functionality are the result of the great experience and know-how of our working team, offer in their wholeness a significant contribution in carrying out the most innovative and elegant tables



The first Lego-like.. Baukasten for individual F&B concepts. Livecookintable® makes it possible to meet most sophisticated customer requirements with minimal effort. Livecookintable® sets the standard: a modular furniture system, replaceable hobs, easy assembly without tools and intuitive operation. Easy to transport in bags and trolleys.



The high-quality buffet furniture includes exclusive cocktail tables and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools. Most VENTA furnishings can be folded up or stacked together to save space, and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few easy steps, without the need for any tools. All of our buffet furniture is mobile and can be used anywhere.

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