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Andy Mannhart

Head Quartered in Switzerland, but spread across the globe through direct & indirect distribution channels. Andy Mannhart, AG has established itself as a leading international “One-Shop-Centre” for sourcing & supply of kitchen equipment & utensils as well as table top ranges to the professional trade. The company has sold products & service to over 80 countries



Frilich provides for an incomparable and atmospheric appearance of your buffet. A multitude of equipment details with established high quality and functionality standards will convince you. Frilich emphasize on the production site in Germany to guarantee a consistent quality assurance.



Zieher glasses is uniquely designed from lead-free crystalline glass using a traditional glass-blowing method. With its highly sophisticated and fascinating design, the glasses in the Vision series are guaranteed to provide maximum aroma and optimum development of wine.



Zepé has a long tradition of designing and crafting items for the breakfast buffet table. The products are 100% made in Italy using only high quality materials.



With innovative induction technology from Gastros Switzerland, food can be efficiently kept warm and attractively presented. Induct Warm combines flexible design options with unbeatable benefits: Compared to conventional holding methods, our induction technology is simpler, safer and above all, more energy and cost-effective to use. The focus is on delicious food and high quality interior design.



A plate warmer which was a practical and reliable alternative to conventional plate warming cup- boards. The device is very versatile, simple to use and provides heating space for a variety of plates and cups.


La Tavola

La Tavola collections, whose design and functionality are the result of the great experience and know-how of our working team, offer in their wholeness a significant contribution in carrying out the most innovative and elegant tables

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