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The handblown decanter in classical shape results from the high craftsmanship of experienced glass blowers. The shaping of the neck, the bell-bottomed body and the three dents, integrated in the bottom, already provide a maximisation of the surface during the pouring. Thus the maximum possible contact with oxygen and at the same time, a mild development of the wine can be achieved.

Inducted by the shaping, the wine runs along the complete inner surface already during the filling. Three dents in the bottom provide a gentle swirl and a soft aeration. This effect can be intensified by a soft slewing.

Zieher Wine Decanter - Pebble The Classic

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    This Product is measured in Centimeters (CM).


    Please allow +/- 1 to 2 cm variation.


    Measurements of the Zieher Decanter is as follows:


    Diameter: 20cm

    Height: 30cm


    Capacity 1.8L

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